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    Your Mind. Your Body. Your Temple.

    the MahaliyaDara way


    The MahaliyaDara Healing principle and system promotes an Indigenous Wellness Lifestyle bringing a lasting sense of WellBeing and Joy.


    a wide variety of Sacred Wellness services, Including: Golden Womb™️ Warm Oil Abdominal Massage for Women and Girls of all ages, Fertility Massage, Womb Sacred Touch (Energy work with Sound Bathing), Fertility, Pregnancy Massage, Prenatal and Postpartum Massage, Sacred Space Interior Energy and Decor Consultation, Chakra Assessment and Balancing, FemBodyBliss YoniWombYogaDacnce Classes, Private Yoga Sessions. Yoni~Womb Steam, MahaliyaDara Goddess Lifestyle Consulatations, retreats and more!

  • Wellness Services

    Radiant Golden Womb Wellness

    Golden Womb Massage and Sacred Touch

    Sacred Yoni Womb Steams

    Coming Soon!

    Experience the luxury and healing of this Ancient Sacred Feminine Practice.


    Fem Body Bliss Yoga

    Classess and Private Sessions

    Your Goals; Your pace.

    Try One on One or semi-private Yoga sessions.


    Holistic Wellness Coaching

    Including Muscle Testing

    Assisting you with integrating Healthy living into your Life! Nutritional Consultation, Meal Planning, Food Prep Demos

    Included in Golden Womb Sessions

    Reiki with Sound Bathing

    Relaxing Energy Work with Soothing Sound Bathing

    Included in Golden Womb Sacred Touch

    Prenatal & Postpartum Services

    Doula, Massage

    Fertility/ PreNatal/ Postpartum Birth Support 

    Birth Beads, Birth Blessingways, Birth Closing Rituals 


    Mermaid Home Sea Bath

    This Luxurious, Purifying and Rejuvenation practice (along with other Mahaladara lifestyle practices) will have your Mind and Body Sweet, Calm and Beautiful.

    Aromatherapy- Goddess Crafted Aromatics 

    Promotes Deep Relaxation, relieves anxiety, brightens mood.

    Chakra Assessment & Balancing 

    An Energy Healing modality to detect the state of the subtle energetic bodies and apply what is needed to harmonize them/

    Included in Golden Womb Sacred Touch

    Guided Meditation and Visualization

    Relaxation and Inner Peace

    Included in Golden Womb Sacred Touch

    Become a Practitioner 

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    The Home Sea Bathing Ritual

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