• Welcome to FemBodyBliss!

    A Sensual Yoni Womb Yoga Dance Vinyasa 

    developed by Iya Dara

  • What is FemBodyBliss Sensual Yoga?

    Indigenous Medicine

    Firstly this practice or style is based on the Malasana or Yogini Squat which is a restorative hip opening and strengthening asana/ pose which has been practiced both passively and intentionally by most if not all Indigenous peoples. 

    Goddess Wisdom

    As an initiated Priestess of Deities Oya and Osun in an Indigenous Nature based System of Goddess Spirituality, I both channel and incorporate Osun & Oya's Sensuality, Healing, and Empowerment. Along with Orishas Mama Wata and Olokun, they all inform and inspire the energy, philosophy and movement of this practice.

    Music/ Sound Healing

    Classes are set to sensuous music and live Sound Healing instruments.

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    The Divine Love Goddess Activation Ascension Portal 2022

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